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Mining Solutions

Total Mining Solutions



Present in more than 100 sites, Total is the partner of choice for mining companies. Total Mining Solutions are based on:


A top priority for Total. In particular we apply the highest of standards in our transport activites.


Total invests constantly in R&D to elaborate new products in order to improve the performance of the mining equipments and to lengthen their life expectancy. Total makes a commitment to supply fuels and lubricants while respecting the demanding quality standards required by the equipment manufacturers (additives, control of cleanliness).


Total can give you tailored advice to best optimise the supply and distribution processes to, as well as within your site. Our experience and expertise makes us an ideal partner to manage on-site storage and distribution.


Thanks to its local teams and regional experts, Total offers a large range of services which includes audits, trainings, analyses, control of consumptions, preventive maintenance; to help you cut costs and improve your performance.


Total is committed to reducing its environmental impact through pollution prevention actions and waste management. Total also takes part in sustainable development health and education programs.


We wish to create a real partnership with our customers, through tailored products and services, so you can fully dedicate yourselves to your core mining operations business.